NYC Healthy Eats Guide: Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Take a stroll south down Court Street in Brooklyn and you will find yourself with more healthy food options than you know what to do with. Whether you are on a newfound health kick, or just enjoy fresh fare, start at Atlantic Avenue and work your way via stomach through Cobble Hill. You will be pleasantly greeted with Court’s condensed stretch of good-for-you grub. Use this guide for your guilt-free gut.

Nature’s Grill 

You know you have come to the right place with a slogan that reads  “A Health Conscious Kitchen.”  With a lengthy menu, the difficulty will be in deciding which deceptively healthy option should fill your belly for breakfast, lunch or dinner. From fresh juices, smoothies and salads to grilled (never fried) sandwiches, wraps and entrees, no dairy or butter is used in their  made-to-order cooking and even the all-natural desserts are sugar and fat free - can it be? Start your morning with an egg white omelet (no extra charge!) stuffed with veggies and non-fat mozzarella, or the seven-grain, whey protein-blended pancakes with sugar-free syrup. Or make a meal out of their honey wheat pizzas, Thai lettuce wraps, or bun-less turkey burger platter with steamed veggies and a side salad. Whatever you decide, rest-assured calorie-counting is not in order. 138 Court St (;  718-852-5100)  

Fish Tales

Let the pescetarian in you shine when you swim into this seafood shop that boasts the freshest daily catches from the Fulton fish market. With over 30 daily varieties like monkfish, Chilean sea bass, and arctic char, purchase by the pound and concoct your dream dinner with these lean proteins. Or cut down on prep time and choose from ready-made batches of heart-healthy seafood minestrone and spicy gumbo, as well as  fresh calamari and smoked fish salads. While there is no seating inside, park on a bench to engulf their dishes of seasame seared Yellowfin tuna, or white-wine sauteed Tilapia with fresh tomato and basil. Embrace the lauded Mediterranean diet - these fish tales are no lie. 191A Court St (; 718-246-1346)              


This quaint little “juice joint” with brick walls welcomes your quest for fresh with fruit and vegetable juices. Make your own or try their blended suggestions. What’s ailing you? For cold and flu go for beet, ginger and apple, or if you feel a headache coming on, cabbage, celery and carrot will do the trick. But don’t let the name mislead you, as they also offer special blended smoothies (like the scrumptious “Natural” with mango, strawberry, banana, oats, yogurt and soy), and the non-liquid likes of sandwiches (avocado-potato), wraps (portobello-goat cheese) and salads (crumbled egg-chick pea in a mustard vinaigrette). No juicer at home? No problem. Nectar will jumpstart your cleanse. 198 Court St (718-855-6166)

Cobblestone Foods

Just as tantalizing to the taste buds as a Chinese buffet, some of the best healthily prepared food can be found at Cobblestone Foods. Create your own to-go tray by the pound with pickings like roasted sweet potatoes with sage, marinated white beans, braised kale with garbanzo beans, and quinoa veggie patties. These can accompany your whole rotisserie chicken or lidded containers of homemade cauliflower soup and tomato bisque. You can finally feel free to pack on the pounds and still feel weightless. 199 Court St (; 718-222-1661)

Staubitz Market 

Looking to pack a picnic? Stop in at Staubitz to collect the natural, hormone-free sliced meats of your choosing to nestle between bread slices or fan on your charcuterie platter. Non-nitrate cold-cuts include honey ham, roast beef, and salami and all-natural fully cooked smoked duck breast. If you have time to cook,up a storm, grab the low-fat all-natural ground turkey, extra lean rabbit, or free-range chicken to go and impress your guests with an organic spread. You don’t have to be a vegetarian to make healthy food choices, and Staubitz let’s you waive your carnivorous flag proudly. 222 Court St (; 718-624-0014)


Who knew Russian cuisine could be so healthful? Abandon your notions of fried potatoes and fatty sausages, and sample Karloff’s completely organic menu in a charming country setting. While the requisite blintz does make its appearance, start with their roasted buckwheat kasha with grilled onions and baked carrots, or the kale and broccoli soup served with whole wheat toast. For more substantial fare, the supremely satisfying stuffed pepper with chunky carrots and sweet yam is filled with a 12-veggie and rice medley, and the grilled Haddock fish burger flavored with onions, lemon, garlic and dill can be served sans the roll on a mixed salad instead. Their fresh juices and drinkable kampot fruit soup are not to be missed either. Discover the greaseless eats of Eastern Europe. 254 Court St (; 347-689-4279)

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*All Photos by Rebecca Kritzer

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