Coffee with an Aussie Accent: Newcomer TOBY'S ESTATE in Brooklyn

If you have visited Australia, you know the coffee there is worth the 14-hour flight. Thus, any Aussie roaster transplant to the States is most welcomed, especially when it’s in your Brooklyn backyard. Enter Toby’s Estate Coffee, which made its American debut in Williamsburg on Monday January 9th. The caffeinated excitement is amplified by on-site roasting, coffee flights and the use of the exclusive La Marzocco Strada espresso machine - one of only two in America. The fifteen year-old company has eight locations worldwide, and Brooklyn is home to its ninth. After all, there cannot be enough flat whites or long blacks to go around, mate. 
I recently visited the rustic chic cafe/roastery for my requisite Long Black - that's Aussie-speak for double espresso. You won't find it on the menu, but the barista knew exactly what I meant: the first testament to Australian authenticity. When I finally got to sip on my strong shots, I was transported back to my enchanting visit to Sydney, which had me craving their coffee every morning. Though nothing will compare to the real deal down under, Toby's offers an excellent alternative in the States, with an accompanying attractive accent. 
See the sleek space and munching menus below for current offerings. A return visit is certainly in order to try one of their "toasts."

Toby’s Estate Coffee
125 North Sixth Street (Berry Street), Williamsburg

(347) 457-6160 

All Photos: Rebecca Kritzer

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