Seasons 52 Review

It's hard to find restaurants that revolve around fresh, seasonal ingredients in Miami. However, Seasons 52 has an eclectic menu that changes (you guessed it) seasonally. I tried the winter menu at their Coral Gables location for a lovely (non-winter weather) lunch. The service was attentive, albeit, it was not busy on this Saturday afternoon, and the food was flavorful and fresh as promised. Here were the big bites that left the belly full and the palate pleased - at no more than 475 calories per dish, to boot!

Eggplant Flatbread (daily special)

Known for their flatbreads, this one supported the clout with extra thin crispy dough that crunched under a gooey layer of melted mozzarella, cubed roasted eggplant (which there could have been more of), salty feta and parmesan and paper thin tomato slices. The crunch alone was satisfying, only enhanced by the simply tasty toppings.

Mediterranean Corvina (daily special)

While this white fish seemed to have been bisected to half its original thickness, its texture and seasoning was on point, with nothing more than olive oil and a charred Meyer lemon to echo the Mediterranean. Tender but still flaky, it sat on a bed of almond tabouleh with chickpeas and olives, combined with sharp arugula leaves and the faintest drizzle of yogurty tzatziki sauce. Need I say more. 

Blackened Fish Tacos

These were a pretty presentation of three in soft tortillas, perfectly charred on the grill. The meat was moist and the savory sea was enjoyed in every bite with silky guacamole, pico de gallo and a zig-zag of warm chiptole cream sauce. A good take on a Mexican staple north of the border.

Chicken Chile Relleno

More Mexican inspiration came with this wonderfully charred green pepper, its innards scooped and packed with subtly piquant chopped chicken, creamy goat cheese and wilted spinach. Blanketed with a sheet of broiled mozzarella and a side of sage-studded polenta cakes, the roundness of the sweet and spicy sings a medley in the mouth.

With a wide-reaching menu, you may upon first glance get the impression of "jack of all trades, master of none." But a sit-down at Seasons 52 shows you its breadth does not compromise its promise of fresh (healthy) food, where each dish tastes like a specialty all its own.

Seasons 52
321 Miracle Mile
Coral Gables, FL 33134
(305) 442-8552

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