Zito’s Sandwich Shoppe is More than Meatballs

If you believe the brilliance of an Italian sandwich begins and ends with the meatball hero, you are mistaken. Not-so-sadly mistaken though, for all you need to do is visit Brooklyn’s south Slope and stop by the recently opened Zito’s Sandwich Shoppe, a casual but stylish nook that marries old-world immigrant Italian and young contemporary Brooklyn between two slices of bread. With a numbered thirteen to choose from, married owners Marcello and Maria Bucca redefine the complexity and creativity of the Italian sammie.
Marcello, an Italian-American born and bred in Bay Ridge, said the shop is an homage to “the Brooklyn upbringing.” A young chap with dark hair and a bright smile who volleys between English and Italian, he gives the market and eatery an even more authentic feel (though the food speaks, er, screams for itself).
I sampled seven half-portioned sandwiches, all six veggie sides (salads), the arancini, the meatballs to-go, and even the soup of the day. Suffice to say, I left satiated and better yet, with a good taste in my mouth. With such a spread and the stellar quality of ingredients, I will declare that just about everything was top notch....*

*Read the rest of the review here published for Brooklyn Exposed

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