Who Took Home a Vendy Award this Past Weekend?

The contenders dished out their food truck best, and scores from audience and celebrity judges (Gayle King and Colin Quinn to name a few) were tallied. And the Vendy Goes to....

Dessert: Wolly's Shaved Ice
NJ: Taco Truck
Rookie: Korilla BBQ
Maker's Mark: Cinnamon Snail
People's Choice: Souvlaki GR
Vendy Cup: Solber Pupusas

Comme Ci Comme Ca-Meditterranean

Taco Truck


Cinnamon Snail

Solber Pupusa

Solber Pupusa

Agreed on Korilla BBQ, with their amazingly seasoned "Eye of the Tiger" ribeye taco (best taco in the lot) and Cinnamon Snail, which in my book, made the best use of bourbon (aside from the VIP tent punch concotion) with their pillowy creme brulee bourbon doughnut. Other personal favorites were La Newyorkina's inventively flavored ice pops like the rich "cafe con leche" and their sweet, salty, and spicy pineapple-jalapeno with chilli salt! Very honorable mentions go to Comme Ci Comme Ca's mediterranean cous cous bowls with your meat of choice (I choose the lamb sausage), and Jersey's Two Pitas in a Pod's elaborate tasting platter that included fluffy quinoa and the best falafel in the field.


Wolly's Shaved Ice

La Newyorkina Ice Pops

Judges: Gayle King, Colin Quinn


Two Pitas in a Pod

Mexican Egg Wraps

Ultimately, we were all winners in the end. Endless food, drink, music and fresh air. Now that a Saturday does make.

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