Collard Greens for Breakfast: Egg Recipe Remix

Lookin' to spice up your egg scramble? Don't know what to do with those tough collard greens? Satisfy your need for green and sweet tooth at the same time with this hearty recipe!

You will need:
  • beaten eggs or egg whites (however many you fancy)
  • chopped collard greens
  • diced zucchini (about 1/3)
  • diced Bosc pear (half)
  • diced peach
  • finely diced onion
  • fresh lime zest
  • freshly grated ginger
  • dried marjoram (or oregano)
  • black ground pepper 

In your pan, saute your onion, pear and zucchini on medium heat until all soften and onions are translucent.  Then toss in your collard greens and ginger and season all the ingredients with the marjoram and black pepper, constantly moving and coating the ingredients. Cover and let the collard greens wilt. Lastly, add the peaches for a gentle heating. Once the peaches have softened and released their juicy sugars, pour in your beaten eggs and combine the whole concotion until the eggs have cooked to a semi-firm texture. Once you have plated the scramble, the topper offer is really the "zest" on the cake - no fancy tools necessary.

With a standard peeler, peel only the zest - and not the pith, which is the bitter white layer - from the lime.

Then simply run your knife (make sure it's sharp) through the peel to produce thin shreds of zest.

Sprinkle these fresh slivers of lime onto your scramble and the radiating heat will release all the citrusy oils from the skin. Not only do they serve a flavor function, but they look a bit fancy too!

With the refreshing bite of lime and ginger, paired with the juxtaposing sweet fruit and grassy collard greens, this scramble pleasantly comes together with each harmonious bite. Make for one, or multiply the ingredients and impress your guests at your next Sunday brunch. Eggs are boring no longer. This is the breakfast of champions.

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