Not Quite Delivery but Definitely Not DiGiorno

I was unexpectedly graced with a second helping of Grimaldi's in the form of delivery - and I use that term loosely. Early last week Ale went to dinner there with our friend and brought home two luscious leftover slices for yours truly, along with a forgettable dissected calzone. (Must feel shitty to be upstaged by a pizza, but I'm sure the rest of the menu items get that a lot). Nothing, in truth, compares to these pies, no matter what you throw on them. This time my slices were from the "Regular" with added ham.

Now, you know I was devouring one cold slice while the other heated (albeit half-eaten) in my oven. (No patience for pictures, but you get the gist.)  Recall from a previous post that the type of sake deemed best could be enjoyed hot or cold. Versatility, my friends. And so the same will be said for this pizza.  The simplicity of the firm mozzarella coddled by an unrelentingly tender dough is best showcased and appreciated cold. And needless to describe, a steamy (yes, reheated even) pizza out of the oven is heaven on crust. Suffice it to say, Grimaldi's at home was still delectable...and I still did not have to wait in line.

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